So it's been a while since my last blog post - over two years in fact. I really have no excuse other than that I got really caught up in finishing my undergraduate degree and then starting my postgraduate degree, and while I could probably have managed to continue to post while studying, I decided to take a little break because the direction that Tomes and Tea had been going wasn't exactly what I wanted from it.

That's the problem with describing something as a 'book review' blog; I started to feel as if I couldn't review or talk about anything other than the books I had read, and this became difficult when the knock-on effect of studying meant that I didn't have much time to read the books that I wanted to read. I spent the longest time in the mother of all slumps and to be perfectly honest (although my tutors won't be to happy to hear this), I barely had the time or inclination to read my set texts.

More than that, I love reviewing and I find it hard not to approach everything I try or read or watch with a critic's eye. I found that there were more and more subjects I wanted to talk about - politics, feminism, fashion, beauty, culture, travel, and I wanted to review other things that I was passionate about. I started to feel really limited by the 'book reviewer' moniker, even though this little blog never really took off and I've never been really publicly known for reviewing books.

I'm a month away from completing my postgraduate studies and I find myself wanting to blog more. It seems like a precociously millennial thing to do - to assume that what I have to say is worth listening to and that I, above all the millions of other people doing exactly the same thing, have the answers or an influencing opinion. Even so, I want to find a way to be creative and get writing again. If I'm writing for anyone, it's me. I get excited about things and I want to talk about them, in the best way I know how (the written word), even if no one else ever reads them. And I never promised I wasn't a precocious millennial, or a narcissist.

So what does this mean moving forward? Well, it means that Tomes and Tea is going to get a bit of a shake-up. I'm keeping the name for now, because I'm still a person that loves books and drinks a hell of a lot of herbal tea. The content I post from now on will be very varied, and for now, I'm not going to be strict with myself about uploading, or advertise any schedule. I hope to post often, but I think that it'll be a bad move for me to make promises I don't know if I'm able to commit to!

I don't know if anyone reads these, but I'm excited to see where the changes will take me!