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So it's been a while since my last blog post - over two years in fact. I really have no excuse other than that I got really caught up in finishing my undergraduate degree and then starting my postgraduate degree, and while I could probably have managed to continue to post while studying, I decided to take a little break because the direction that Tomes and Tea had been going wasn't exactly what I wanted from it.

That's the problem with describing something as a 'book review' blog; I started to feel as if I couldn't review or talk about anything other than the books I had read, and this became difficult when the knock-on effect of studying meant that I didn't have much time to read the books that I wanted to read. I spent the longest time in the mother of all slumps and to be perfectly honest (although my tutors won't be to happy to hear this), I barely had the time or inclination to read my set texts.

More than that, I love reviewing and I find it hard …

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