What I Currently Love (August 2015)

Another month, another post about what I love! Seriously, where are the months going? It seems like I did this just yesterday. It's a bit late but here's what I was loving last month! As usual, this was inspired by Erica's blog post.


 I am terrible at drinking enough water and I find it kind of sad that I have to have an app that reminds me to do so, but it is what it is. Sad or not, Aqualert is really helping me to keep on track of the amount of water I should be drinking daily. Since there are a number of health problems that can easily be solved just by being hydrated, it's worth it to install this.


I finally started watching Orphan Black and marathoned the first series in a week. Tatiana Maslany is insanely talented; I completely forget the fact that I'm watching one person play all these characters because she does them all so differently. My favourite is probably Alison for comic value but they're all great. I love it and I need Season 3 now - especially since it won't be too long before the fourth season airs. Come on, Netflix, help a girl out?

If you know me, you know I love detective shows in any capacity, con artists and art heists, and Matthew Bomer. Since it includes all three, White Collar is the perfect show for me. I'm still working my way through it but it's so good. I love the dynamic between Caffrey and Agent Burke and how their friendship develops over the seasons. I'm a sucker for partnerships like theirs.


I am now coblogging with Dana! Which is awesome for so many reasons. Blogging with one of my friends (plus freaky-deaky soul twin from the other side of the world) is not only going to be hella fun, but a good learning experience for me. Dana has been at this blogging game for a while now so I'm learning all the time, and very honoured to be working with her. I'm already loving the plans we're coming up with *restrains self from sharing all the secrets*

Goodbye Republic of Ireland, hello Big Smoke! Today I fly back to London. University starts up again soon (after freshers) and it's my final year, and also my dissertation year. Depending on whether I go on to do a Masters or not, this might be my last time in an educational institution. All that aside, I love school and studying, so I'm looking forward to what this year has to bring. The modules look like very interesting and I'm planning to make the most of my time at Greenwich. 

I know some of you will read this and shake your head, but I'm implementing some big changes to my diet at the moment. I love food. I love all food. But the fact of the matter is that not all food agrees with me and I value being fit and healthy. Which I am not. So I've had to seriously look at what I eat and address whether or not I want to live past fifty. That sounds bleak; it's not like I'm overweight, but I'm not healthy. And at nearly twenty five, I should be in the prime of my life. I want to be!


OKAY, on that note, advanced warning that these may be a little...healthy. 

I honestly thought I would hate Nakd Bars (I am a fussy eater when it comes to fruit) but I love these, especially the Berry Delight one. They're expensive though, which bums me out, since I'm a poor student. Maybe I'll find a recipe for homemade ones!

My usual go to snack is biscuits and when I snack, I mean, I'll eat a whole packet to keep me going. When someone said try eating a handful of nuts as a snack, I was like, yeah, thanks, but no. Still, I tried it and really got into it. I like pistachios a lot and walnuts (they look like brains and they're good for your brain), but I like cashews best. They really hit the spot as an elevenses* snack, with some orange and a cuppa.

*Yes, I am part hobbit and I have several meals in a day. Eat little and often, right? *runs off to have second breakfast*

BEAN BURGERS. Instantly, a large portion of you will gag at this idea but I have the nicest recipe for Mexican bean burgers. Sometimes it's good to have a meat-free dinner every now and then! I made these for my mum (who is actually a vegetarian) and decided to have one myself. I made a whole batch for her so that she could thaw them when I was gone, but I ate nearly all of the stash. They go really well with salad and some sriracha and mayo, though the recipe's condiment suggestion probably works really well too.

I forgot how much I love this soup that my mum makes but I need to remember to make it when I'm back, especially in the cold winter months. FOTATO! Fotato, or Fake-Potato soup, tastes and is thick like a starchy potato soup, but is made from cauliflower so it's super healthy and not overly carby. I know, I know, but bear with me. It's delicious. It fills you up, it's rich and yummy, but it's good for you. I'm a massive advocate in healthy foods tasting good. Because no one likes to eat rabbit food and it taste like rabbit food.

I'd share it with you but it's a secret recipe soooo...sorry.


Wildest Dreams was one of my favourite songs on 1989 but I was really surprised Swift released it as a single. I prefer her softer tracks that harken back to her older albums (Red still remains my favourite though). Got to love the video for this one too. Or should I say, got to love Scott Eastwood looking all broody and chiselled on the African plains.

I continue to be obsessed with Talking Is Hard. I'm the kind of person that finds an album they like and listens to it forever or until I'm sick of it. It's my summer album I think, since I've listened to little else. It is heavily inspiring me to write a contemporary romance too. I KNOW - the very genre I am so critical of. This is what they do to me.

Troye Sivan has such a beautiful voice and this song. So pretty.

Got directed to Halsey through someone on Twitter who kept tweeting her lyrics and I ended up looking her up because HELLO, BEAUTIFUL WRITING, and started listening to Badlands. Love the sound of the whole album but Castle has been a big inspiration towards something I'm writing at the moment.

Lean On has been a persistent song this summer but besides that, it's a good gym track and I find myself listening to it a lot as I work out. I am so mainstream I know.

Do you love any of these right now? Lemme know!