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Give me a book and I can write pages on the themes within it, the character development (or lack of), the pacing, plot and every single opinion I had while reading it. Give me an opportunity to talk about myself, and I clam up like a...clam.

I was going to skip the introduction post all together, but Dana - who I considered to be a blogging pro - said I should and when Dana says you should do something, especially on your blog, it's probably a very good idea.

So here I am, talking about myself. 

What is there to know? Well, obviously, with this being a book review blog - I love to read. I read almost exclusively YA and NA literature, though through reading and reviewing on NetGalley that's started to change. I'm also a writer (unpublished, at the moment) and I tend to write only YA/NA literature, mostly in the fantasy and science fiction genres. If I write contemporary, it's usually with some kind of fantasy twist. 

I can't help myself.

I'm lucky enough to intern with a fantastic publisher called Patchwork Press, through which I've met some amazing people and authors. My favourite job - surprise surprise - is the editorial work, but to be perfectly honest I love it all. I've developed this enormous passion for working in publishing over the last few months and it's only getting better with each day. if you're not familiar with PWP, you need to keep an eye on them - they're going places! I'll be using this review blog to promote a lot of the fantastic PWP titles we have to offer as well as prizes and scavenger hunts and lots of other exciting things! And of course, eventually, there will be giveaways.

Cos I love swag as much as the next person.

Besides all this, I'm British, I like to make yummy foodstuffs (I'm pretty good at homemade marshmallows, if I do say so myself), I'm a history lover with an obsession with Ancient Egypt/Greece/Rome, King Arthur and pirates (arrrrrr!) and I love travelling when I have the time and money. that enough to satisfy everyone's curiosity?

I'm a really approachable person, so if you have any questions or queries or just want to say hi, don't hesitate to contact me. You can find me in the Twitterverse (@AG_Author). 

That's all for now...until my first review that is... ;)


  1. Awww! Thanks so much for the little shout out. I can't wait to read your posts and reviews :)


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