Writer's Life Tag (originally by Kelsey Macke)

This fun tag was created by Kelsey Macke and I was tagged by DanaSquare!

1. Write Fuel: What do you eat/drink while writing?
Whatever really, I'm not particular. I like sour sweets like fizzy laces. I drink peppermint tea to keep my head clear. I know most writers run on caffeine but it really has the opposite effect on me. 

2. Write Sounds: What do you listen to while writing?
As I've mentioned before in other posts, I can't listen to music while I'm writing. I've really tried! I tend to listen to ambient white noise generators like RainyCafe or Rainy Mood. Even instrumental music distracts me, but the background noise of rain seems to really help.

3. Write Vice: What's your most debilitating distraction?
The internet of course. It's the most debilitating distraction for everything haha. Oh, and this blog. I should be building my word count right now. Instead, I've written three blog posts.

4. Write Horror: What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you while writing?
Probably losing work, for whatever reason. Although I think spending time working on something and then finding out it's already been done is really disheartening.

5. Write Joy: What's the best thing that's ever happened while writing or how do you celebrate small victories?
I share any successes with my writer friends and my family. The best thing would definitely having my first short story published in the Patchwork Press anthology. 

6. Write Crew: Who do you communicate with or not communicate with while writing?
MY AWESOME WRITING GROUP! The #RoyalWriters are such a great group of writers to work with and they've already helped me out loads. <3 font="">

7. Write Secret: What's your writing secret to success or hidden flaw?
I don't know if I have a secret to success. Just stay true to your story and believe in your characters, let them guide you and work hard. Also, read. LOTS. It'll inspire and push you.

8. Write-spiration: What always makes you productive?
Deadlines mostly. If I know it has to be done, I'll do it. But things like Pinterest and the enthusiasm of other people really motivate me too! I like to have lots on the go too, because I am obviously insane.

9. Write Peeve: What's one thing writers do (or you do) that's annoying?
I jump from one idea to another without finishing a SINGLE DAMN PROJECT ARGHHHHH.

10. Write Words- Share one sentence from a project. Past or present.
I'll share from the last thing I wrote today. It's from a winter romance project I'm doing with Steph and Dana from #RoyalWriters:

"When T.S Eliot wrote that April was the cruellest month, he clearly hadn’t spent December on the East Coast."

I tag any remaining RoyalWriters who want to do this, and anyone else who fancies it! Best of luck!