Writing Update (A DanaSquare Meme)

This writing update meme was shamelessly inspired/ripped from DanaSquare, who'll probably get a mention more than once in this post.

  • Camp NaNaWriMo begins today! EEEEEK!
  • My work-in-progress is a YA/NA re-imagining of the King Arthur legends, set in modern day London. With super powers and dragons and genderbending *thumbs up*
  • I have back up stories - spinoffs from the main series, which are shorter and a bit less tricky to write, as well as a YA scifi and my next short story for the followup to to the recent Patchwork Press anthology!
  • I'm in an amazing cabin with some brilliant people! I've known Dana for ages - since she's my fellow intern and blogger - and she introduced me to the lovely Stephanie, and then we dragged some of our other friends and Write All Year sprint pals along for the ride.
  • We call ourselves #RoyalWriters and look at this awesome button! Seriously, BEST CABIN EVER.

  • I've never really completed a full novel and so I'm nervous about trying again. I did write 50K for Nano a couple years back, but I never touched that story again, and it was all a mish-mash of several things I wrote that month. I want this July to be my real success story.
  • You know how much I love Pinterest and pinning has been a huge part of my inspiration process. Check out my Pinterest boards for the main series:
  • I also got crazy into Google docs and sheets for planning, such as cross reference legends with modern day characters. Much easier way to keep everything in check!
  • And it may have been crazy to get so drawn into an idea right before Camp, but Dana and I started planning a collab story! I've tried to do them in the past and the problem has always been finding someone to match my enthusiasm; luckily for me, Dana brings that by the buckets :) SO EXCITED
  • In an effort to make sure I read more actual books (because I got into a slump over the last academic year), I joined a new book club on Goodreads, run by Dana and Steph. This month's pick is Grave Mercy, and I'll be blogging reviews for every book I read with them.
  • I got approved for some AMAZING ARCS on NetGalley, so look out for those blog posts too :)
So to sum up, I'll be working on:

  • Camelot Rising (Excalibur Chronicles #1) - Camp Project
  • Excalibur (Excalibur Chronicles #1.5) - back up 
  • Untitled (Excalibur Chronicles #0.5) - back up
  • Polaris 2: Untitled Short Story 
  • Untitled genre mash YA/NA collab with Dana
  • University related editing
  • No non-Academic related projects

Sounds like it's going to be busy month for writing! Best of luck to all you campers - leave a comment below if you're taking part!