POLARIS AWAKENING personality test!

The new Patchwork Press anthology has some great characters in it; as I read and edited the stories, one of my prevalent thoughts was 'wow, we have a really strong cast here'. I knew when writing Scorpio who I definitely wanted to see a second time around (that's right - a sequel has been planned!), and I got the same feeling reading the other author's stories too. I could spend a hundred years writing about Polaris Space Station, but the characters in particular...well, I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to them all. 

If you loved the main characters as much as I did, I made this Buzzfeed quiz to find out which one of the seven main narratives you would be most like. I was sure there was a fair amount of Seth in me, but when I answered honestly, I got Fay from Meghan's story Taurus!

Take the quiz and let me know who you got, either by leaving a comment below or by tweeting about the quiz!